My Kojie San Soap Experience

Years ago, six to be exact, I have been desperately trying to find the perfect whitening product.  Don’t believe me? Here is how I look like before it all started,



Back in 2007

Not that I don’t like my skin color, because I do, I just want to experience how it feels to have a lighter complexion and maybe feel good about myself too.

I spent days “googling” the best whitening soap and I came across Female Network website and there I found these girls talking about a certain whitening soap that is locally available and of course, made their skin extra lighter.  This was actually the first time I ever heard about Kojie San Soap.

To be honest, I was skeptical at first because believe me, I have tried everything! Of course, I am exaggerating!

I tried bleaching (done by a dermatologist), whitening lotions, the traditional calamansi scrub (yes, it stings like heck!), all papaya soaps known to man (exaggerating again), glutathione pills (Metathione and Activewhite, to be specific) and a lot more.

So, there I was the next day, on my way home from nursing school, I stopped by the nearest Watsons branch and got myself a box of this Kojie San Soap which costs 50pesos only at that time (regular size ones).


After using it for a couple of days, I was AMAZED! Never have I ever experienced micropeeling from a soap.  That moment I knew we will be bffs for sure.

In 2 weeks, there was a noticeable difference in my skin tone.

Fast forward to 2009,  boy was my skin definitely lighter than ever!


April 2009


December 2009

Before Kojie San, I was hesitant to dye my hair this light because I know it won’t suit me.

Of all the whitening products I have tried, only Kojie San delivered the result that I wanted.  This is definitely one of my holy grails in my skin care routine!

  How I use it:


  • I cut it into 3 equal parts, because it does melt easily.
  • Like a regular soap, I use it all over my body and let it stay there for 2-3 minutes or depending on your tolerance because it stings at first, then on my face for less than a minute.
  • Rinse.
  • Then, I pat my skin with a towel making sure NOT TO rub off the peeling skin.


  • It is affordable (Regular size = 68 pesos only).  Also available in promo 3-packs
  • Widely available in supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide (Philippines)
  • Noticeable results in 2 weeks of use


  • It will sting on the first few weeks of use.
  • It can make your skin really DRY, may not be suitable for dry skin.


  1. If it stings badly, rinse it off immediately.
  2. It is of utmost importance to use a sunblock when outdoors.
  3. Do not scrape off the dead skin brought about by micropeeling, it may damage the emerging new layer of skin.
  4. Do use an umbrella or a hat to protect your skin from direct sunlight exposure.
  5. Use lotion to combat dryness.



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  2. Hi ann,
    I live in oz land as well, could you please tell me where i can purchase some koji san soap.
    The back of my hands are darker than the rest of my body, i have tried other whitening products but no success yet.
    Thanks for your informative blogs, hope to hear from you.

    • Hey Ej,

      I also live in Australia and I’ve purchased kojie san from amazon.
      If you are looking for a better and stronger soap, purchase the Marie France from the marie france international website.
      It is much expensive compared to the other brands, but its works better and faster.

      • Hi anne,
        Thanks for your propmt response, i found some kojic acid soap, and kojie san dream white from the asian shop in QLD.
        I thought i might give theme a try first and see how i goes, i bought ten bars of it, have you tried using those brands before?.
        if i dont achieve my desired results then i’ll try your recommendation.
        Thanks again,

  3. Hi I started using it 2015 around July and sobrang nag purge and red yung face ko and ang hapdi I was gonna discontinue it dhil baka tlgang ndi ko hiyang but after mga 3months sguro bgla nalang nag clear up yung skin ko pero sinabayan ko iyun ng benzaclin (benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) Pinrescribe ksi saaken ng doctor ko kasabay ng tetracyclin which is antibiotics for acne pero 3months ko lang sgurong ginamet yun and irregular dn kse ako kaya more on hormonal yung acne ko at nag birth control pa ako. Umabot ng 1yr iyun na pinaka makinis kong face as in then tinry kong mag stop sa kojic kse dry mashado then bumalik ung natural color and acne ko after a month nung pag stop ko. Nakakalungkot kse sobrang kinis ko na tlga. Pero bumalik ako ulit ngayon sa kojic para itry ulit nakakaranas ulit ako ng purging and pamumula medyo nakakadepressed kse 21yrs old lng ako and moderate lng naman un acne but still nakakababa ng self esteem and matagal nakong merong acne since I was 14yrs old sana bumalik ulit yung skin ko. Meron pa akong pics ndi ko lang alam kung paano ipost dito. But in brief sobrang ganda tlga ng kojic

  4. Hi Anne, I’m a new fan! Nakakatuwa ang vlogs mo. Just wondering if you still use and recommend this Kojie san product. I just saw your Snow whitening review so I’m curious if you totally switched or are using both. I hope to hear from you.

    All the best,

    • Hello. Just you guys are interested, I’m selling scrap of Kojie San soap in a very low price. Got it from factory po mismo and have it as partime business. If interested, contact me @ 09175842374/ 09777608350.

  5. yeah! Kojie san is real tlaga.. proven and very effective siya.. dame ko na rin nagamit na whitening soap pero wala ngyari.. since high school frustration ko na pumuti then kojie san came along.. mestisa na ko ngyon with colored hair..

  6. kojie san is real! dito talaga ko naghiyang. nakatulong din sya sa pimples ko. super duper love it!!! after kojie san im using dove pink bar. super glow ng skin ko here. love it! 😊

  7. I used this for a couple of years kasi talagang naging fairer ako almost in one month lang, but meron akong eczema that didnt agree with it. Nagbbleed minsan skin ko and super hapdi nung kojiesan kapag inaapply. I stopped using it for ilang months then bumalik ako sa normal tone. Nakaka sad talaga. I tried Likas papaya which didn’t give me stinging effect but halos walang effect yung Likas mauubos ko na wala parin lightening talaga. I just discovered a really effective lotion for my eczema and I’m planning to combo it sa kojiesan. I hope it works saakin kasi gusto ko talaga fairer ako pero ang sensitive ko talaga.

    Note lang wag gamitin basta basta sa face. Nakaka whiteheads and blackheads siya sakin. I use an entirely different approach ng skinxare sa face. Pero sa body, ok na ok talaga kojiesan. Hands down!

    • May ointment na binigay sakin yung doc na pinuntahan ko. Simula nung ginamit ko kojie san may mga tumubo sa mukha ko. Crusty sya and reddish. Ginamit ko un together with kojie. Effective sis

    • Would you like a soap that will lighten your skin and get rid of your eczema at the same time?

      Text 0998.881.8819
      Im Ryann

  8. hi i just want to share my experience using kojie san soap. i have a terrible acne problem. nag try ako mag pa diamond peel at the same time gumagamit din ako noon ng kojie san soap. tyagaan lang talaga. Sinabayan ko ng exercise, inom ng maraming tubig, iwas sa maalat, mamantika, tinapay at masyadong matamis na pagkain. palit dn ng pillow case atleast every 2 or 3 days. and also gumagamit ako ng coconut oil pamahid sa katawan pinaka moisturizer ko. night and day ako nag lalagay. discipline is the main key. 😉

  9. Thank you ate sa pagshare ng experience nyu .. alam ko naman po effective talaga ito with proper alaga lng sa skin 🙂 ito dn po gamit ko ngayon para sa pimples ko ..although hndi nyu po nabanggt n nkakatanhal dn ng pimples/acne. ako n po ngsasabi n effective dn sya 🙂 almost a month ko ndn po gnagamt at kta naman n ang pagbabago .nkakadry nga lng po talaga ,besides effective po talaga 🙂

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  11. Hi dear…i bought kojis san soap today and used on my body first for 20-30 minutes it didn’t stings,burnt or irritated.i felt nothing….after bath i applied lotion i can see my skin micropeeling. Can i leave it on my skin more than 30minutes ? And can i use facepacks , scrub,chemical peels and threading done to my face? Thankyou reply pls

  12. thank you for sharing this nice review… I need to share my experience din.. noong college I USED this soap and it is really effective but please bear with the dryness di ko pa kilala ang moisturizer kasi noon wahhaah.. anyway it was all good at first , it did lighten my skin BUT sa sobrang gamit nito nagkaroon ako ng atopic dermatitis on MY FACE. to the point that I had to go the derma na. it is sad really kasi after that di na naging effective si kojie san sakin my face went red, puro pimples ganun. it was good while it lasted , not for sensitive skin though

  13. I order it today, I am gifting this to my friend she is black color and have also dots on face, but I have an question that can boys also use this soap? Is the kojie San soap is not dangerous for hair? Plz reply

  14. I used it in my face twice, morning and evening. In the morning it was really fine but then in the evening nagbabalat na mukha ko then may maliliit na butlig sa part ng jaw at medyo reddish, yung part lang naman na un meron. Did you experience that as well nung unang try mo sa face? I am hoping for your reply. Thanks! God bless.

    • Na try ko rin yan one week palang medyo ng pinkish na ung face ko ..nkakadry talaga ng skin pero oki lg effective naman mdyo pumuti narin ako ng kaunti…

    • I love your results with kojisan soap l am from Egypt and i want to buy kojisan original soap can you tell me from where can i buy it amazon or ebay but i am afraid to buy it from amazon because some people say it is fake please reply

    • Hi. Bawal xa patagalin sa mukha, kase hahapdi xa. Gamitin lang ang sabon as regular soap. pag nakapag sabon na, banlawan na agad. kase may mga tao sensitive ang balat. at nakaka dry talaga xa. kaya wag kalimutan mag lotion pagtapos maligo.

  15. Hi! Nice blog..i generally dont go outside if not any emergency.. i wanna know that, not d sunlight but d temperature could damage?? I m living now in non ac,,and d summer weather is very hot..i usually stay on room..shaded,..pls suggest me what to do?

  16. Hi,

    Does anyone use this in combination with Korean italy towels? Is it to too harsh to alternate between both?

    If you miss a spot when letting it sit on the skin for a few minutes, will your skin look patchy?


  17. Hi Afternooon ate anne 🙂 Ahm. gagamit po akong kojic san soap and then pwede ang lotion ko ay Active Skin Whitening? Sana maka reply kaayo please 🙂

  18. ate magreply ka sana sa tanong ko ngayon..jejeje..which is better to use a lotion to be have a whitens skin?

  19. Hi Ate anne ask ko lang po kung pede po ba siya sa face? I mean effective po ba ito? mawawala po ba yung marks ng pimple?? Pede po ba ito gamitin? Thanks po.sana po makareply kayo agad thank you po and Godbless you!

    • kate here im using it for several years pati peklat ko due to paso nawala maganda siya kaya lang pag matagal na at maputi ka na yung tipong wala ka ng ipuputi sagad na wag ka na umasang puputi ka pa kasi muka ka ng mumu nun maganda na siya pang maint. Soap kasi maintain niya na yung kulay mo pero sakin pag katapos ng 3mts hinto ko ng 1mt dove muna then kojic ulit para pumuti pa nagiging tolerant kasi sa ang balat natin sa kojic pero na exp ko ma rashes sa umpisa pag papalit palit kasi ni sabon nagkakaraon reaction balat kasi immune na sa kojic magpapalit bigla pero nasanay naman na im using lighter kojic soap kojie san kasi mejo matapang pero ngayob kakatapos ko lang mag swimming nag kojie san ulit ako para pumuti ulit to the highest level

  20. Effective talaga ang Kojie San. Ang laki ng ipinuti ko. Pero bakit ganon, wala akong naramdaman na stinging sensation? 🙂

  21. Hi ate Anne! U said there na do not rub off the skin when using kojie san, when can u rub off your skin kasi dba other people may used to rub off their skin when taking a bath?

  22. Hi Anne, tatanong ko lang sana do you still wear sunblock sa face kahit nasa bahay? lalo na pag nasa front ng computer? kc use kojie san din for 1 year na ata pero sa body lang. ano ma suggest mo kojic soap sa face? TIA.

  23. hi, this is just a question, but i know when ure using the soap, u have to cautious not to go under the sun. I’m still in school and we have 2 hours of outdoor sport per fortnight and 1 hour twice a week. I’m in australia too so the uv ray is super strong. Should i still use the product even if i put on spf 50+ sunscreen? Would my skin become darker?

    • Hi, I’m from Australia too and I’ve been using this soap for about 8 months now. Sunscreen is always a must here. I suggest you also cover up your skin and wear a hat and walk in the shade too. Make sure to be liberal about sun protection because it can darken your skin quicker and maybe even darker than what you started out with initially if you don’t use sun protection. I avoid going outside in the sun if I don’t have any sunscreen on my skin.

  24. hi anne. dami ko din natutunan sa mga video mo at nkakawala ng stress pag pinapanood ko kasi ang galing mo. and ung khit funny na nga sinasabi mo minsan e my sense of humor pa rin. Godbless at sana magpatuloy pa marami mo video.

  25. Hi miss anne first of all nagppasalamat ako sa kojie san kase nhap kita sa vlog hehe
    Kc nung una tlga naghhnp ako ng review about kojie san at nkita kita then nagsimula n ako manood … balak ko nga pagktpos nun ok n tlga panood ko pero ndiscover ko n madami kplang video n upload hayy nkkaaliw tlga nkkagoodvibes then tumagal ng tumagal sobrang gustong gusto ko n prng tv marathon ko n hehehe
    Ung about kojie san since 2009 din ako unang gumamit kya tuwang tuwa ako kc same tau ng soap hanggang ngaun gmt ko po xa at sobrang hiyang ko at gusto ko din sa soap mahapdi hehe pra effective … 🙂

  26. hi ms anne. ung vlog u o ung video u n tungkol d2 sa kojisan ang simula ng aking pagfollow ng iyong vlogs. gusto q kc tlagang mag light ng konti ung skin ko. kaya sinubukan ko ito, as of now nag lighten n ung face q mdyo naiwan ung s kulay ng body q hehehe pero hoping n puputi n din ung s body q. ikaw din ung dahilan kaya nadiscover ko n may mundo din pla sa loob ng youtube. sau ko lng nlaman ung tungkol sa mga blogging blogging atsutsutsu hehhe. thank you thank you tlga. wahhhh naiiyak n ko (feeling close….) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU… stay happy and humble and many many blessings to come.

  27. hey Anne, It was my first time to watch your vlog, actually first time to watch a Tagalog beauty Vlog, nababaduyan kasi ako noon, you’ve proved it wrong to me, dahil nakakatawa ka (naturally very entertaining to watch you) and no pretensions at all, mas nakaka-relate ang mga kapwa Filipino, the products you use are very affordable, kaya from now on, I’ll subscribe to your channels and wish me luck, ‘cuz I’m about to use Kojisan. Take care and always be yourself.

  28. Hi Anne, I have so much fun watching your video, especially yung sounds showing your old pictures. Horror ang peg. Hahah! Thank you for sharing your reviews. I also tried Kojie San and Kojie San Dream White before, good results so far. Pero I stopped using it na ….

  29. This is my HG soap and been using for more than 2 years na. Recently I had couple of pimples due to a monthly thing. I just use this Kojie San and it did cure it. The downside lng is ngppeel muka ko… (awkward peeling) But after that my skin is smoother now, unti unti nwwla ng marks/blemishes caused by pimples. I would recommend using a moisturizer kapag gumagmit ng Kojie San sa face. I use Myra E moisturizer.

  30. hello ate. kojie san lang tlga gamit mong soap? dba mabilis matunaw? ano pa po iba mong ginamit pampaputi?

    tska pano ung pinkish effect sa face mo sis dito sa vid mo hahaha
    ang ganda ng glow. help pls sissy so desperate na pumuti hereeee 😀

  31. Finally, bought this soap na! First day palang, naramdaman ko na yung sting sa face. Naeexcite nako.

  32. Wow! Impressive. I don’t use this soap but my sister does. In fairness, napapansin ko ngang pumuputi na siya! Parang gusto ko na rin tuloy i-try. Hehe. Nice review Ms. Anne! 😀

  33. Hello anne,thanks sa review..
    I am using this soap as well, for years now. I dont have dark complexion but my skin tone is not equal but when i started using this, super ganda ng effect and lagi nilang sinasabi na glowing ang skin ko. Im sure this is the reason why,gumastos din ako sa mga glutha capsules and even the iv pero eto yung pinaka affordable talaga. Im so thankful that I have discovered this. Hey anne,i also love your make up tutorials and reviews by the way.. mwah!

  34. I just ordered my kojie san lightening soap 2 days ago. I am using this soap for 2 days, and I am not feeling any stingy sensation. So, is this normal ? Will the soap actually work if I am not feeling stingy sensation? My overall shade is brown, and I want to get 3 shades lighter . I will appreciate if u can reply me back. Thanks

  35. ang galing naman po 😀 ako din po ngayon gumagamit na din po ng kojicsan .. may isa lang po akong tanong .. ano po yung sunblock na ginamit niyo noon ?? kasabay ng kojicsan ?? thanks po 😉 <3

      • hi ate anne,,isa po akong baguhan na gumamit po ng kojie san..tanong ko lang po kung anong lotion ang dapat gamitin jejeje..pwede po ba myra e lotion?ano pong mas effective na lotion?

      • hi.. miss anne tanong ko lng ano pwede ipartner ko sa kojie san soap, medyo iba kac tubig dto sa probinsya and feeling ko umiitim ako ulit 🙁 lalo sa mukha nagkaron ako ng mga tigyawat pero di nman po karamihan, full tume mom po ako kya hnd ako masyado nalabas ng bahay pero umiitim po tlga ko 🙁

    • Hi Rae!! Thank you sa pagbisita! Not yet, actually I use both. Kojie san pag naliligo, royale anti-ageing in the morning and before bed time. 🙂 I will be posting a separate review on the soap soon 🙂

      • Thanks in advance! Currently, I use Belo, nagkaron ako ng severe allergy sa kiliks (rashes). Tapos, nung gumaling, ang itim na. 😐

  36. Hi anne congrats!d buo araw ko pg d kta mother of 2.age 6 and 2…so wla aq tym mgaayos dhil sau ngsimula aq ulit aq mgpaganda.sobra natuwa asawa ko…also dmi ko natu2nan lalo n s make up..,more upload p ha…hi kay jeya and s hubby m…,

    • Hi Jicelle! Thank you! I know the feeling, ngayon nga lang ako nakakabwelo kasi malaki na si jeya, salamat sa pagbisita and sa laging panonood!! God bless! <3

  37. Hi Ate Anne! This is actually the soap that I’ve been using for 6 years too since I was in college and it’s very effective for me also 🙂 I am way lighter now than before and magugulat ka talaga sa before and after photos ko haha! What I love about Kojie san is that it’s quite affordable and easy to buy since available siya in most stores. I’m just happy na same tayo ng soap 😀

    • Apir Alyssa! Yun din gusto ko sa kanya, kasi pag ubos na takbo lang sa pinakamalapit na grocery or drugstore for sure meron hehehe.. Thank you for dropping by Alyssa! <3

  38. OMG ate Anne thank you po dito. very informative po. 🙂 Hindi po mismong kojie-San ung gnagamit ko po. Ang gnagamit ko po ung Kojic-Papaya Soap po ng Royale. Gnagamit ko po siya dahil may severe acne po ako and gusto ko po ulit pumuti. Pag may pansin po ako na namamalat, prati ko po tinatanggal. Hindi ko alam na hindi po pla dapat gawin un. kya thank you po sa information na ibinigay niyo. 🙂

  39. Hi ms.anne 🙂 aq n nmn ulit hehe tnx again s pggreet ha .. Ginagamit ko n dn yung kojie san simula nung pinanuod q yung mga vlogs mo..grabe i really like it na.. Mgnda cya s face and affordable pa..hnhati ko n dn cya kc mdali tlga matunaw..hehe tnx again ms.anne s mga tips n naiishare mo..:) wag k sana mgsawa s pgvvlogs … Loveit !!! Godbless 🙂

  40. hi Ate Anne congrats sa bagong website. may bago na naman akon aabangan aside sa channel mo. love it!!

  41. well,muzta kna ngaun..d2 n rin ako punta pg gus2 ko manuod ng mga vlog mo.4 aning aning..hehe.god bless you.and more always keeping n touch wt u!