Meet the Kimy Cool Reward Chart!


Having the kids help out with chores can be a burden, believe me I have been there (still am) and will be again in the years to come. With my 11-year old daughter and 1-year old son, I admit to sometimes doing the chores myself to avoid the stress of having to remind my eldest to do this, do that–that she’s old enough to be responsible for some chores in the house–BUT it’s not a good idea because leniency can affect her in the long run.


Teaching the kids to help with household chores is a mom’s responsibility and has to start at home. Not only can doing so instill confidence and sense of reliability, but it’s also a great way to bond with my child. Good thing there’s a FUN and HEALTHY way to do this through the KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart!


The KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart has a list of common household chores we can teach our kids, from fixing the bed to sweeping the floor.

Each time Jeya finishes up a task, I’ll hand her her favorite KIMY Ice Cream as a reward. She can even save the specially-marked popsicle stick to mark the completed task on the chart!


The first time we did this, she had so much fun. She says it felt like she was 6 years old again, but in a really good way!

img_5638Jeya while cleaning the table

img_5643Jeya with her reward, the new KIMY Choco Popstar, while sporting that smile of victory

Jeya and I enjoyed trying out the different kinds of KIMY ice cream.

The new KIMY Choco Popstar is an ice cream lollipop with 3 layers of chocolate, dipped in white chocolate and popping candies. But I was surprised to know that it still has the right amount of fat, sugar, and salt for kids, and no artificial colors! As a mom, I felt assured knowing that KIMY is a permissible snack to give to my little ones.


Jeya’s favorite was the KIMY Krazy Banana Surprise. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy the idea of peeling that jelly covering like a banana to relish the vanilla goodness inside! KIMY Jelly Tongue was also a lot of fun to eat–with the added bonus of Vitamin C!


I would say that this KIMY #CoolReward Chart has helped a lot in teaching Jeya the importance of helping around the house. She even reminds me about it every time she comes home from school.

Make your chores COOL with the KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart! Download it here:

Complete your chart to join the #CoolReward Raffle Promo! You can get a chance to WIN an LED TV with Home Theatre System, or a NESTLE Ice Cream Party Package! Just visit the KIMY Facebook Page HERE for more details, or read the full mechanics here.

Promo runs from September 1 to November 30, 2016.


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