Why I am Forever Grateful for my Mother

Every family has a different dynamic. Growing up, mine consisted of my Mom, who quit her job to stay at home and take care of me and my siblings, my Dad, who worked as an OFW, my sister, my younger brother, and me. Since my Dad worked in the Middle East, it was hard on my mom and us siblings because we could not see him as often as we liked. Although it was sad that my father was away most of the time, we were still lucky that we get to be together as a family every one or two years for his vacation. Sometimes, we get to come to the Middle East for summer vacation too.It was especially hard for my mom, because whenever she got sick, she would call my grandmother for help around the house. Because I am now also a mom, I know how hard it is now. I remember how just a year ago, when I just gave birth to my youngest son Joo, I asked my husband if he could request for a longer leave from work because I am still recuperating from a cesarean section, but to no avail. Besides, if he couldn’t come to work, that only means he would have no pay for the days he wouldn’t be able to go to work.

Fast forward to today, I thank God for each and every day that I can work at home while taking care of my family, the same way my mother took care of me and my siblings when we were younger. My husband Kitz now works at home too, my partner in everything I do. In him I also see the support my mother has given me all these years when I decided to pursue what I am now doing, however unconventional it may seem to other people with regular office jobs. I am lucky to have him and my mother, both supportive in what I love to do, and for being there for my children, especially if I have deadlines to meet or meetings and events that I have to attend to. Making sure that Ate Jeya (our eldest) has eaten breakfast and has taken her Nutroplex before leaving the house for school, he also helps in cleaning the house, going grocery shopping, and cooking meals for the family. This level of caring and understanding is what my parents have shown me, and I have to thank my mother for teaching me this from a young age. I know it hasn’t been an easy road for her, and I am forever grateful that she managed to raise us to be adults she could be proud of.

As I watched Unilab’s Son video, I couldn’t help but tear up, because it reminded me of how my mother had to take care of me and my siblings. Though we didn’t exactly have rebellious phases, we all had our fair share of arguments and misunderstandings. I’m sure she had her share of misgivings when I decided to pursue this line of work, but I’m happy that she is still as constant and supportive of me back then until now. She was a steadfast presence in my childhood, and I hope I could be as good as a wife and a mother to my husband and my children as she is to our family.

I remember this one time when she went with us grocery shopping supermarket, she handed me a box of the Unilab Handy Health Kit. Being the practical housewife that she is, she insisted that we should have one at home like she did. Now, whenever I get headaches, I drink Medicol. When my husband is tired from a day of work, I always hand him his good ol’ Alaxan. The Unilab Handy Health Kit is a must-have at home or when travelling, because it has all the basic medications for common sickness. Unilab has been our trusted healthcare brand ever since because it has been providing quality products and services for 70 years!

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