Products in Focus: Fashion 21 Cosmetics

Hello there! I have been always on the lookout for inexpensive makeup ever since I started doing videos or reviews in particular. I get overly excited every time I get to try out something budget-friendly BUT at par with high end brands.

Fashion 21 cosmetics is one of my go-to local and affordable makeup brand, besides being available almost any department store, it is reasonably priced and perfect for makeup newbie’s or even professionals.

I just tried out the 7pc brush set which retails for 400php. It has everything a newbie needs for a full makeup look.

Complete with eye makeup brushes, face brush (I used for blush and setting powder), eyebrow brush and a small angled one for the eyebrows or even for eyeliner. The bristles are soft and can blend shadows nicely.

The Fashion 21 Color Bar is a blush-on and eyeshadow set which cost 160 pesos only! I got the #2 set. I used it also for my eyebrows, contour and highlight. The price is just unbelievable; imagine buying separate products for each use di ba?!

Pigment is good enough although powdery, which I couldn’t care less as long as it can transform my look from day to night with subtle smokey eye shadow colors.

What I really love is the blush #1, perfect for a sunkissed look which also doubles as an eye shadow with a peachy tone to it.

The Perfect Stick, which comes in 6 morena-friendly shades, is a foundation and concealer in one. It retails for 185 pesos each.

You can use it just to spot conceal blemishes or on the entire face for a more flawless base. I HIGHLY SUGGEST to use a damp sponge to blend onto the face to thin it out and do a little baking with a loose powder for oily skin.  For dry skin, I am pretty sure you can use it as is without having to set with powder because it sets matte but it is moisturizing so no need to worry about it drying up the face even more.

I used the shade beige to highlight high points of my face and almond shade around the face where I usually contour.

Take note that for oily skin, baking is a must to make sure you won’t look hulas at the end of the day!

The Two-Way Cake with Milk Moisturizers comes in 3 shades, I used the shade #1 to set my under eye area and the cheeks.

If you have oily skin though, I suggest skipping this and using a loose powder instead. This powder is geared towards dry skinned individuals because of its added benefit of milk moisturizers.

It gives light to medium coverage and can be used alone without foundation underneath.

For 199.50 pesos, it is reasonably priced considering how hygienic the packaging is. The puff has it’s own compartment!

The Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara, the star of the show, my all-time favorite mascara has always been a mainstay in my kikay kit.  I just love how affordable this mascara is, it only costs 239 pesos!  It has an amazing formula; it does not weigh down my lashes, not sticky and does not leave my lashes all clumped up even after 3 layers.

The small bristles of the brush are great in reaching even the tiniest and hard to reach lashes.

It has been years since I discovered this mascara and up to now, I am still raving about it and will repurchase without having second thoughts.

Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner is fairly new to me. It claims to be water-resistant, smudge-proof and tear-proof! I did not notice it bleeding or smudging the entire day but I will still update you guys if this will be a new favorite of mine well, considering it is the most inexpensive (as far as I can remember) eyeliner I have ever used. It retails for 135 pesos only.

If you ask me, I would definitely go for black, for that dramatic cat eye but for a lesser price.

The only thing I am having a struggle with when using this eyeliner is the applicator. I prefer the felt tip ones but this just needs getting used to.

Another good find is the Fashion 21 Peach Perfect Lipsticks. It costs 175php each and comes in 6 shades in total. I got the Apricot, Carrot and Ginger shades.

These are youthful colors which I might say, looks great even on morena skin tones.

My favorite is ginger, a nude peach shade, which I think looks perfect for an everyday makeup look.  It compliments my skin tone really well.

Don’t forget to check out my video, if you haven’t yet, to see these products in action!  You can head on to Fashion 21 Cosmetics website if you want to see more of their products.



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