Dermacol Makeup Cover Review


When I first heard about Dermacol it did not cross my mind that this is a foundation.  I really thought it was a skincare product.  After months of searching online where to get it, I was contacted by Miss Bella PH and asked me if I wanted to do a review. Of course I said yes right away!

It costs 899 pesos for 30g of the product.  Pricey BUT a little goes a long waaaaaay. Trust me.


The consistency of this foundation is the same as that of a mousse.  It feels kind of velvety to touch and when swatched you can definitely say right off the bat that it gives a full coverage. It also has a faint scent to it which fades in a few minutes.


I chose the shade 218 thinking this is my exact shade or at least a little darker on my skin tone but it was way too light on application.  It took a while before it started to tone down and blended well on my complexion.  What I can suggest (if you got a lighter shade) is to use a darker setting powder or use a matte bronzer around the face just to bring back color to the face because it can make you look pale.


This is how it looked like when applied. I did wait 1-2 minutes for it to set considering it is a thick foundation.  Contrary to what is said on the instructions, to use a makeup sponge or fingertips to apply, I find using a flat top kabuki brush much easier.  It is a little difficult though to blend this foundation, you have to have a good brush and blend very well so as to avoid making it look cakey later on.  It also has a slight tackiness to it but tolerable.  It does not feel lightweight at all, you will definitely feel you have foundation on, but again, tolerable.


I feel like it has light reflecting properties to it which makes it appear lighter (in photos) than it actually is.  On flash photo it does give off a white cast which makes it not suitable for indoor or night time photo shoots but on natural lighting it looks really good.

IMG_0132Photo with flash

On my second use I tried to set it with a darker setting powder and used a matte primer just to check if it will help with controlling the oil and it did.


Longevity-wise, it is a pretty good foundation especially for people like me who sweat a lot, definitely waterproof!  It took me a while and a dishwashing liquid just to remove it  entirely on my hands.


  • full coverage, can hide all imperfections on my face
  • a little of the product goes a loooong way
  • waterproof, perfect if you sweat a lot and/or if going swimming
  • SPF 30
  • looks perfectly flawless on natural lighting
  • long lasting (I’d say 12 hours tops)
  • dewy finish
  • minimal transfer


  • white cast
  • shades are lighter than expected (I suggest to choose 2 tones darker)
  • not lightweight

I highly recommend this for people who needs full coverage foundation (ehem, pang-rampa ito!).

Overall, I like this foundation but next time I will just use it as a concealer.  Stay tuned if this makes it to my monthly favorites!

If you want to try it out, you can order yours at Miss Bella PH – click HERE.

Thanks for your time! xx



  • Sheila says:

    Nag inquire ako 950 sa Miss Bella.wala ka po ban discount code Ma Ann?

  • Lat mallare says:

    Hi miss Anne, when u said go for 2shade darker, so for dermacol what would be the 2shade darker ng 218? Tia

  • TheMiracleX says:

    Hey thanks for the thorough review. Which shade would you suggest for someone who wears a NC-30 in M.A.C ?

  • Blaise Shang says:

    Hi Miss Anne! Between this and Mary Kay Timewise, alin mas okay?

  • shey says:

    hi please tell me where you bought your hair sheet (magic hair sheet) that ur using?? is that also available here in the Philippines?

  • Kai says:

    The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Mist review please!

  • abe says:

    hi ms.anne! thanks for sharing this review.

    question lang, hindi pa ako nakapagtry bumili ng foundation online kaya di ako sure sa shade ko. i would want to try it though, pwede kaya maidentify ang DERMACOL shade ko by the other products that i use?

    Maybelline White Superfresh in 04 Honey pa lang nattry ko actually. Haha. So noob~ huhu

    BTW, nagcocosplay kasi ako kaya tingin ko magiging super helpful nitong Dermacol sakin especially pag may photoshoot or during a convention. Nakakakaba lang magkamali sa shade because *dundundundun* 899php~

    Thanks again Ms. Anne! Hi joo~~ <3

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