A Cool and Fun Way to Motivate our Kids to Do Chores!

Hey Mommies! I know how hard it is to get the kids involved in doing household chores, it takes time and effort to teach them these responsibilities at home, BUT don’t fret!  There are ways to make it fun not only for them but also for moms like us!


Jeya has always been competitive, be it at home or in school, which is why the KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart was a great way to motivate her to help out at home.  I realize that it is a great way to make chores fun for the kids, and before we know it, they are already making us proud little by little!


I was surprised to see Jeya helping out with preparing breakfast for the family, without having been asked if she would like to.


After eating, I usually ask Jeya to clear out the table, but this time around she did it herself, and even swept the floor!



It didn’t stop there!  One morning, while I was busy with work stuff, Jeya called me upstairs so I could see her surprise for Mama. I did not even expect that she would organize our closet!


Jeya making the bed.


Jeya enjoys peeling this KIMY like an actual banana!

She challenged herself to complete at least one task on her Chore Chart everyday, since she loves the idea of getting a treat afterwards. What really seals the deal is when Jeya gets her favorite KIMY Krazy Banana Surprise as a reward!


KIMY Krazy Banana Surprise also became our family’s favorite dessert. We love bananas in general, so we tried mixing the KIMY jelly peel with real bananas, making a tasty banana jelly sundae.


Another one of our loved desserts is the KIMY Choco Popstar! Even when I’m not a huge fan of sweets, this one has the right amount of sweetness to it, plus  NO artificial colors!  In fact, it is good to know that all KIMY products have all-natural colors to make it a healthy snack choice.


KIMY Jelly Tongue is probably Jeya’s most enjoyed snack! She loves playing around with the jelly, pretending its her tongue while talking to us.  Knowing it has Vitamin C, I wouldn’t mind her snacking on this one from time to time!


I stick the KIMY #CoolReward Chart up on the fridge, so that it’s easier for Jeya to see and check what other tasks she has yet to finish.  Whenever we decide to eat dessert, Jeya makes sure she earns her reward by finishing her designated task for the day.

I know you guys are excited to try this KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart, so here’s a giveaway for you and your kids!


  1. Post a photo of you and your kid/s doing chores or bonding over chores on Instagram.
  2. Put in the caption your answer to this question:  “Why is KIMY the best #CoolReward for kids?”
  3. Tag me @anneclutz and include the hashtag #AnneForKIMYCoolRewardPromo


3 lucky winners will get to win #CoolReward kits (Kimy Ice Cream and #CoolReward Chore Chart)! Good luck!

Deadline of entries until Sunday, November 13, 2016 only and the announcement will be on Monday, November 14, 2016. Winners can claim their rewards at the Nestle office from November 14-18.

Check out Kimy’s Facebook Page for more info! http://bit.ly/coolrewardpromo

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