Meet the Kimy Cool Reward Chart!


Having the kids help out with chores can be a burden, believe me I have been there (still am) and will be again in the years to come. With my 11-year old daughter and 1-year old son, I admit to sometimes doing the chores myself to avoid the stress of having to remind my eldest to do this, do that–that she’s old enough to be responsible for some chores in the house–BUT it’s not a good idea because leniency can affect her in the long run.


Teaching the kids to help with household chores is a mom’s responsibility and has to start at home. Not only can doing so instill confidence and sense of reliability, but it’s also a great way to bond with my child. Good thing there’s a FUN and HEALTHY way to do this through the KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart!


The KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart has a list of common household chores we can teach our kids, from fixing the bed to sweeping the floor.

Each time Jeya finishes up a task, I’ll hand her her favorite KIMY Ice Cream as a reward. She can even save the specially-marked popsicle stick to mark the completed task on the chart!


The first time we did this, she had so much fun. She says it felt like she was 6 years old again, but in a really good way!

img_5638Jeya while cleaning the table

img_5643Jeya with her reward, the new KIMY Choco Popstar, while sporting that smile of victory

Jeya and I enjoyed trying out the different kinds of KIMY ice cream.

The new KIMY Choco Popstar is an ice cream lollipop with 3 layers of chocolate, dipped in white chocolate and popping candies. But I was surprised to know that it still has the right amount of fat, sugar, and salt for kids, and no artificial colors! As a mom, I felt assured knowing that KIMY is a permissible snack to give to my little ones.


Jeya’s favorite was the KIMY Krazy Banana Surprise. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy the idea of peeling that jelly covering like a banana to relish the vanilla goodness inside! KIMY Jelly Tongue was also a lot of fun to eat–with the added bonus of Vitamin C!


I would say that this KIMY #CoolReward Chart has helped a lot in teaching Jeya the importance of helping around the house. She even reminds me about it every time she comes home from school.

Make your chores COOL with the KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart! Download it here:

Complete your chart to join the #CoolReward Raffle Promo! You can get a chance to WIN an LED TV with Home Theatre System, or a NESTLE Ice Cream Party Package! Just visit the KIMY Facebook Page HERE for more details, or read the full mechanics here.

Promo runs from September 1 to November 30, 2016.


Huawei P9 Review, Blogger’s Phone?


Being a makeup enthusiast/blogger, taking selfies, product shots and flat lays are usually part of my routine so having a phone equipped with a good camera is a must for me.

Today let’s deviate from my usual makeup/beauty review and find out if Huawei P9 is the right phone for you. Take note though, that this review is very basic, exactly how I find this phone as a simple human being who loves to blog and do makeup.


This phone is elegantly designed with a full brushed metal thin body of 6.95mm, very comparable to the iPhone 6s, lightweight and smooth.



It has a 5.2-inch display which to me, is a good size for watching Youtube videos. The screen is glossy but has a nice feel to it so even if it is lightweight it does not slide off from my hand easily.


No home button since all of the navigational keys are on-screen.


The earphone jack, charging port and speaker can be found on the bottom part.


On the right side is the volume rocker and the power button.  On the left, the nano SIM tray.



On the back part is where this phone gets a bit more interesting, at least for me, it has the dual-sensor camera, flash as well as the fingerprint reader which is very helpful if you take a lot of selfies because it can be used to trigger the shutter and scroll through photos and answer a call.

Overall, this phone is a beauty.  Huawei P9 comes in white, gray, silver and gold (with 3 different variations).


Okay, so let’s get on to the juicy part of this review, the camera performance.  It takes great photos even in low-light, in a moving vehicle and even better outdoors. However, the video is not as good of a quality compared to my Canon G5x, of course, it lacks the image stabilization which is a must in a vlogging camera. You can watch my vlog for a sample video:


The dual-lenses can deliver better light sensitivity therefore better photo quality even in low lighting.



The camera setup is co-engineered by Leica, which is why to me is a great camera for bloggers scroll down below to find out why.


In comparison with the iPhone 6s, Huawei P9 delivers more crisp and true to life colors which makes this a more reliable camera for taking product shots involving colors and different shades.





















Display:  5.2″ LCD Panel, 1920×1080 resolution

OS:  Android 6.0 Marshmallow with EMUI 4.1

Processor:  Hisilicon Kirin 955


Storage:  32GB + microSD

Cameras: 12 megapixel Dual-sensor Leica rear camera with LED flash, 8 megapixel front camera

Battery:  3,000mAh

Weight: 144 grams

Additional features:  Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, LTE-capable, fingerprint scanner

Retail package contains USB cable, charger, earphones, manuals and the unit.

The Huawei P9 has all the camera features a newbie blogger needs. It can replace the usual point and shoot ones especially for bloggers like me who attends events and hates to bring bulky DSLRs, this camera is enough to take blog-worthy photos.  The rich and vibrant color is particularly important for me when shooting makeup products especially swatches. It gives true-to-life colors with good exposure.  Being able to adjust the depth of field of the shots, works exactly like a DSLR, however it can create an unrealistic blur so take note of this.


I am not really a big fan of the beauty mode though, it gives a distorted look to my face each time I try to use it  but the good thing is it can easily be adjusted.  I was surprised also to see a Beauty Video mode on it which reminds of a particular Snapchat filter. But for beauty bloggers I doubt this beauty mode feature is even needed. It elongates the face, hides and conceals blemishes so quite unnecessary especially if I am reviewing foundations. I do love though how it does not look too obvious (unless set on 10).

Overall, this phone is a must buy IF the camera features on a phone is in your priority list.  It does take GREAT quality photos with a DSLR feel with each one even in low light settings. Battery life is good, no heating issues so far plus the phone looks elegant.



Happy Skin Cosmetics Review!


Super girly! This is what came to my mind when I first saw Happy Skin Cosmetics.  I love how they came up with the design on the packaging, if The Balm and Benefit Cosmetics had a child, it’s definitely Happy Skin.

If you haven’t yet, please do check out my first impression video because there you will see these products in action.


The Second Skin Creme is a silicone free foundation that has a light to medium coverage.  It gives a dewy finish which I love however, not really a good idea to wear during summer.  I got the shade Natural Beige which I think is just right for my skin tone. It costs 1,199php.


It is a borderline thin/thick consistency and blends really well with any foundation brush. I do like it BUT it is NOT oily skin friendly.  Expect to blot from time to time with this foundation, however blotting does not affect the finish so I did not mind.  This can be easily remedied with a mattifying primer and powder.


Shut Up and Kiss Me Lip and Cheek Mousse is a great blush for a natural rosy cheek glow.  It complements my skin tone naturally, it’s like there is something different but you can’t really tell what is.  I love it just not the price tag though.  It costs 699php.  I haven’t tried it on yet as a lip product but I can definitely say that this is perfect for a natural everyday lip color.


One tip I can suggest is to lightly dab with your fingertips after applying on the lips for a matte and longer lasting color.


The All Eyes On Hue Palette is waaaay overpriced considering it only has 4 shades in it, minus the BISCUIT one which does NOT give any color payoff on my skin, so just 3 usable colors.  It costs 1,299php, and for that hefty price tag I can get 3 decent eyeshadow palettes which can definitely contain more color selection.


Good thing the remaining 3 shades, namely Oatmeal, Hazelnut and Espresso, are my kind of colors.  Blendability is just average, a little powdery and an eyelid primer is a must if you want these colors in their full potential. Even if I liked these colors for that price it would have been better if they made it a little on the creamier side or better yet added more shades.


The Eye Am Here to Stay Precision Liquid Eyeliner lives up to its name of precise application.


I do like it however I find the brush tip to be too thin and pointy, in short too precise for my shaky hands. But it DOES last really long which is perfect for oily eyelids and kinda hard to remove with my regular makeup remover.  I use my Biore Cleansing Oil by the way. It costs 599php.


Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Honeymoon Glow and The Morning After are a must-have if you love matte lip products. Application is really smooth, glides well on my lips without the tugging feeling and leaves my lips hydrated even if is matte!


It is not long lasting though but I do not mind reapplying after eating since the application is super easy.  Even with the lightest of pressure you can get a good color payoff.  It looks really good on the lips, solid matte without emphasizing the dryness on the lips and without settling on the lines. It costs 649php each.


And finally, my FAVORITE of all the products, Prints Made Pretty Glisten Up! Strobing Kit Highlighter and Contour Duo.  It comes with this really cute box that has a cheat sheet for beginners who wants to learn the art of contouring and “strobing”.  It costs 1,299php (currently out of stock but you can get each stick for 799php).


This is my first contour and highlight stick and I was not disappointed.  The contour stick is taupe in color and does not appear muddy nor does it give any hint of red tone when applied on skin.  It blends really well with brush or a sponge, I do prefer brush when I use this for a soft contoured effect.


The highlighter is perfect! There is a hint of pinkish tone to it which accentuates blush color, the glitter is very tiny which goes well with my large visible pores and it gives an overall luminous and glowy finish. I just love it!

This was my first time to try Happy Skin Cosmetics and I think I like most of what I got. Despite the high price, I must say the quality is quite good.


My Top 5 Eyebrow Products!

Hey there! Here are my top 5 eyebrow products that I love and would recommend for beginners!  If you haven’t seen the video yet please do so you can see swatches and then scroll down below to see photos of me using each one of these products.





This eyebrow pencil is very easy to use hence it has been my go-to eyebrow pencil especially now that time is of the essence on my daily grind.  It looks very natural on and does not appear waxy whatsoever and lasts pretty well on my oily skin.

Revlon Brow Fantasy



If you are on a tight budget, San San Twist Eyebrow Pen is what I can recommend. It lasts longer than my EB Advance Perfect Eyebrow Pencil however, at the end of the day it fades to a slight orangey color BUT is somewhat tolerable.  It is retractable so sharpening won’t be a problem.  The only thing I don’t like though is you have to press harder onto the skin just to get the color.

San San Twist



The angled tip is super helpful especially if you find it hard to shape your brows.  It does come with a spoolie brush which I find really easy to brush the pencil with and makes the eyebrows look natural.  So far, among the 5 products I get the most natural looking brows with this bad boy.

Nature Republic



If I want my brow game to look strong, this is the palette I reach for.  The wax part of this palette is SOOO good, it does not look patchy even if I double layered, though it can get a bit darker but the powder does the job in softening it out a bit so the brows won’t look too harsh.  With this palette, it always seem as if my brows were done by a professional MUA.

Maybelline 3D Brow and Nose



My first love.  I have learned how to properly shape my eyebrows with this pencil and 3-4 years later this pencil has been a staple in my kikay kit.  I can draw my eyebrows perfectly with this as if I have been doing it for ages.  Take note though that it is a bit waxy so expect your brows to get shiny during the day ESPECIALLY when you have oily skin.  Other than that, this pencil is definitely a must have considering it only costs 60 pesos!

EB advancel

Thank you so much for your time and feel free to comment down below what eyebrow product you have been loving lately! xx


NEW Maybelline HyperMatte Liquid Liner and Fashion Brow Cream Pencil Review!


This 2016 Maybelline Philippines released their newest matte eyeliner which I LOVE, the Hyper Matte Liquid Liner.


For the intense pigmentation it gives I could not believe how incredibly affordable it is.  It only costs 199 pesos and is available in Maybelline counters.


It is matte and jet black which I prefer for my eye liner. Does not budge, fade nor bleed on me all day, however this is NOT waterproof so I am not sure though if it will last well on oily eyelids.



Application is super easy.  The applicator has a soft brush tip which glides easily and is perfect for a winged liner.  Thanks to its super thin consistency, this matte liner sets fast and does not appear cracked nor unevenly applied.


After 6 hours, it did not fade on me just turned a little bluish which is definitely okay as long as it did not budge nor bleed especially on the corners of my eyes.


The Fashion Brow Cream Pencil costs 199 pesos.  I got the shade brown, not sure though what shades are available right now.


The brown shade appears lighter than what I expected though and a little reddish to me.  BUT it lasted pretty well, I would say about 8-10 hours on my sweaty, oily skin.

1 minutea

If you want to see the actual application of these products, go check out my video below!

Thanks for your time!xx Until my next one!