Products in Focus: Fashion 21 Cosmetics

Hello there! I have been always on the lookout for inexpensive makeup ever since I started doing videos or reviews in particular. I get overly excited every time I get to try out something budget-friendly BUT at par with high end brands. Fashion 21 cosmetics is one of my go-to … Read more →

Meet the Kimy Cool Reward Chart!

Having the kids help out with chores can be a burden, believe me I have been there (still am) and will be again in the years to come. With my 11-year old daughter and 1-year old son, I admit to sometimes doing the chores myself to avoid the stress of … Read more →

Huawei P9 Review, Blogger’s Phone?

Being a makeup enthusiast/blogger, taking selfies, product shots and flat lays are usually part of my routine so having a phone equipped with a good camera is a must for me. Today let’s deviate from my usual makeup/beauty review and find out if Huawei P9 is the right phone for you. … Read more →

Happy Skin Cosmetics Review!

Super girly! This is what came to my mind when I first saw Happy Skin Cosmetics.  I love how they came up with the design on the packaging, if The Balm and Benefit Cosmetics had a child, it’s definitely Happy Skin. If you haven’t yet, please do check out my … Read more →

My Top 5 Eyebrow Products!

Hey there! Here are my top 5 eyebrow products that I love and would recommend for beginners!  If you haven’t seen the video yet please do so you can see swatches and then scroll down below to see photos of me using each one of these products.   TOP 5:  REVLON … Read more →

Pink Sugar Cosmetics Full Face Review

Finally! I present you my full face first impressions of Pink Sugar Cosmetics.  This has been long overdue but I promise this post is worth the wait because I will go into each product in depth. First, you might want to check out my video to see demo and application of … Read more →

Divaderme Lash Extender Review

Who doesn’t love thick and long lashes? Recently, Beautique Davao sent me this Divaderme Lash Extender to try and I was happy I did. Nowadays, I only get to do my makeup for 15 minutes, I’m lucky na if more than that.  Ever since having a baby, I seldom use false eyelashes. … Read more →