My Hospital Bag Checklist

Finally, everything is set for Baby Joo!  I am not entirely sure if I have everything on my list considering my last delivery was 10 years ago, but this the list of what I think is essential (and based from my viewers suggestions and recommendations, thank you!) when giving birth … Read more →

Baby Shower on a Budget

Being pregnant can be overwhelming (financially speaking), even more so if you are planning for a baby shower with a limited budget. Today, I want to share with you the lowdown on our budget baby shower held last July 5, 2015. THE VENUE, THE FOOD AND THE PARTY HOST: We … Read more →

Your Chance for a Cetaphil Experience Getaway!

Have you ever lost confidence in your skin? Cetaphil has launched their latest campaign which will give us women the opportunity to improve our skin confidence. Called the Cetaphil Experience, the campaign aims to give us the chance to celebrate, enjoy ourselves and learn from the experts how we can balance the day-to-day needs of … Read more →

Expecting the Unexpected

Last Tuesday, we went to the OB for my 23-week prenatal checkup and we were given a request for a congenital anomaly scan. That same day, we were able to schedule for one at The Baby Ultrasound Co. where we also got our 3D scan. Honestly, I was expecting everything will … Read more →