Hello there! I just want to say I am so sorry for delaying this video but now that I am back (and stronger than ever) here is the rundown of my favorite products for the month of April! Favorite Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Whipped in Nude I have included this foundation … Read more →

My Top Picks of 2014

MY TOP PICKS OF 2014! Hey there! I discovered tons of beauty products last 2014 and I am excited to share with you which of these products made it to my TOP PICKS! • PRIMER, CONCEALER, OIL BLOTTING PAPER • Quick FX No-Shine Mattifier – a budget-friendly primer which instantly … Read more →

My Eye Makeup Brush Essentials

Hello there! Wondering what brushes to buy? Here are my eye makeup brush essentials! 5 years ago, I had no idea about eyeshadow brushes heck I did not even know how to do my eye makeup.  I only knew back then that you apply eyeshadows using the sponge applicator that comes … Read more →

October 2014 Favorites!

Hello everyone! It’s that time once again where I share my beauty (or random) product finds of the month! Let’s start with a HAIR product, this is the Verdon NE Silky (until now I am clueless as to what NE stands for..). I use it as a hair conditioner and … Read more →

July 2014 Favorites

http://youtu.be/Ydq2KBP-SrM Hello! Here are my favorites for this month of JULY (2014)! This is my first time to feature my new camera! This is the PENTAX K-500, it retails for 22,000php.  It was actually a trade in with my JVC Everio Camcorder and yes it was a good deal, I got … Read more →

Itsjudytime Palette Review

Hi everyone! As you may already know, this is my favorite eyeshadow palette as of the moment, my Itsjudytime Eyeshadow Palette by BH Cosmetics! I have been watching Judy Travis of itsjudytime and itsjudyslife for years now and being a fan of her I knew having this palette would be oh-so-wonderful. … Read more →

My Favorite Mary Kay Products

Good day everyone! Mary Kay has been one of my favorite makeup brands eversince I started doing Youtube videos, why? It was love at first sight (or use rather!) with Mary Kay Timewise Mattewear Liquid Foundation, this introduced me to MATTE foundations.  I believe this is the first ever matte … Read more →

June Beauty Favorites 2014

Hello there! It’s the time of the month again! Here I will be sharing my most loved beauty products of June. Let’s start with my hair.  I hated the color on the first week BUT it did fade to the right kind of color I always wanted. Not too blonde, … Read more →