Let’s Go ALL NATURAL with St. Ives!

So lately, I discovered myself reading at the back of every product I use for my skin. Trust me, I never do this before. I used to be that girl that gets carried away easily with what’s NEW and what’s HOT, what’s trending and what’s most shown on TV ads. Ever since I got serious with my skin care routine game, well we only have one skin, might as well take good care of it right? Besides I am not getting any younger, so being meticulous about what my skin care products are made of will definitely be more beneficial in the long run.


St. Ives uses only 100% natural moisturizers and exfoliants, are PARABEN-FREE and does not contain animal ingredients.  Products are made from nature’s purest and most effective ingredients which nourishes the skin from outside in.


St. Ives Apricot Scrub has been my favorite facial scrub since my teenage years. I remember it being the first legit facial product my mom allowed me to use when I was in high school because it is 100% natural and besides mother knows best, right?


Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub deep cleans, which is very important especially if you are constantly using makeup products like me. It instantly leaves skin feeling smooth and glowing, revealing the skin’s natural radiance.


A current shower favorite, St. Ives Renew and Purify Sea Salt and Pacific Kelp Exfoliating Body Wash, is a refreshing body wash which contains Pacific sea kelp, rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants and makes dull skin brighter while providing the hydration it needs.


It has a relaxing scent which makes shower time extra enjoyable for me.

St. Ives Nourish and Soothe Oatmeal and Shea Butter Body Lotion, is a non-greasy formula containing oatmeal which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes irritation and redness which I have a lot of considering I have been using whitening soaps for years.  It also has shea butter, which nourishes and moisturizes the skin leaving it soft and supple.  I love the yummy coconut scent to it!


Traveling always takes a toll on my skin, thank goodness I tried St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer, it dramatically reduced the appearance of bumps and flaking on my skin overnight.  It has collagen elastin proteins, hydrates for visibly softer and smoother skin.


Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts on the comment section!

St. Ives products are available at leading supermarkets and personal care stores. Visit their FB Page:  https://www.facebook.com/St-Ives to know more about their products.

Also available at Lazada –  http://www.lazada.com.ph/stivesph/ and BeautyMNL – https://beautymnl.com/brands/st-ives and



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A Cool and Fun Way to Motivate our Kids to Do Chores!

Hey Mommies! I know how hard it is to get the kids involved in doing household chores, it takes time and effort to teach them these responsibilities at home, BUT don’t fret!  There are ways to make it fun not only for them but also for moms like us!


Jeya has always been competitive, be it at home or in school, which is why the KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart was a great way to motivate her to help out at home.  I realize that it is a great way to make chores fun for the kids, and before we know it, they are already making us proud little by little!


I was surprised to see Jeya helping out with preparing breakfast for the family, without having been asked if she would like to.


After eating, I usually ask Jeya to clear out the table, but this time around she did it herself, and even swept the floor!



It didn’t stop there!  One morning, while I was busy with work stuff, Jeya called me upstairs so I could see her surprise for Mama. I did not even expect that she would organize our closet!


Jeya making the bed.


Jeya enjoys peeling this KIMY like an actual banana!

She challenged herself to complete at least one task on her Chore Chart everyday, since she loves the idea of getting a treat afterwards. What really seals the deal is when Jeya gets her favorite KIMY Krazy Banana Surprise as a reward!


KIMY Krazy Banana Surprise also became our family’s favorite dessert. We love bananas in general, so we tried mixing the KIMY jelly peel with real bananas, making a tasty banana jelly sundae.


Another one of our loved desserts is the KIMY Choco Popstar! Even when I’m not a huge fan of sweets, this one has the right amount of sweetness to it, plus  NO artificial colors!  In fact, it is good to know that all KIMY products have all-natural colors to make it a healthy snack choice.


KIMY Jelly Tongue is probably Jeya’s most enjoyed snack! She loves playing around with the jelly, pretending its her tongue while talking to us.  Knowing it has Vitamin C, I wouldn’t mind her snacking on this one from time to time!


I stick the KIMY #CoolReward Chart up on the fridge, so that it’s easier for Jeya to see and check what other tasks she has yet to finish.  Whenever we decide to eat dessert, Jeya makes sure she earns her reward by finishing her designated task for the day.

I know you guys are excited to try this KIMY #CoolReward Chore Chart, so here’s a giveaway for you and your kids!


  1. Post a photo of you and your kid/s doing chores or bonding over chores on Instagram.
  2. Put in the caption your answer to this question:  “Why is KIMY the best #CoolReward for kids?”
  3. Tag me @anneclutz and include the hashtag #AnneForKIMYCoolRewardPromo


3 lucky winners will get to win #CoolReward kits (Kimy Ice Cream and #CoolReward Chore Chart)! Good luck!

Deadline of entries until Sunday, November 13, 2016 only and the announcement will be on Monday, November 14, 2016. Winners can claim their rewards at the Nestle office from November 14-18.

Check out Kimy’s Facebook Page for more info! http://bit.ly/coolrewardpromo

Safeguard Adventure Camp


When I told Jeya we were invited for an adventure camp at Exploreum in SM Mall of Asia, she was so excited because she knew she was in for a treat.  Ever since she was a little girl, she already loves exploring and learning lots of new things.


It was our second time in Exploreum but the excitement and the fun we had were just like our first one.  She loved taking part on the activities Safeguard had in store for us.


The first activity she did was the Lace to the Finish, where she has to tie the shoelace onto the giant shoe as fast as she can.


Probably our favorite part was the Dress Me Up because both my kids enjoyed it so much.  It was kind of like a giant version of paper dolls that Jeya loves to play with.


I was close to tearing up when I watched Jeya teaching Joo on which piece should go where. It was actually one of the first times I saw her being an Ate to his little brother, coaching and encouraging him to play and take part on the activity.


Now that my daughter spends most of her day at school, she may be exposed to disease-causing germs which not only can make her sick but also her little brother so it is very important that I keep them protected by using superior germ protection that only Safeguard can give.


Safeguard has always been my family’s trusted body wash for skin germ protection.  I remember my mom always and I mean always makes sure the only bath soap we use is Safeguard, considering how playful and active I was when I was a little kid, I rarely got hospitalized  and I got to thank my Mom for giving me the best protection I needed.  I learned from the best that is why now that I have kids of my own, only Safeguard Pure White Body Wash keeps my family protected from germs.


Safeguard Pure White Body Wash not only provides superior skin germ protection, but it also maintains the skin’s natural moisture shield.

It is dermatologically tested to ensure that skin is soft.


Being a mom can be challenging because we always want the best for our kids and we want them protected from germs but we can’t monitor them 24/7, right? For my family, protection begins right in the shower with Safeguard Pure White Body Wash.

Safeguard Pure White Body Wash is available in 720ml (219php), 400ml (145php) and 200ml (85php).

Thank you so much for your time and see you again on our next adventure! xx


** This post is sponsored by Safeguard.

Cetaphil Experience at Karma Kandara, Bali, Indonesia


Oh my goodness, where do I begin? I surely had the time of my life in Bali during The Cetaphil Experience 2016. Not only did I get to meet new friends and fellow beauty bloggers from all over Southeast Asia but I also got to take home with me a renewed sense of self.


Even before I got selected to be one of the participants in the Cetaphil Experience 2016, I knew this opportunity is a huge deal and will make me, as a beauty blogger myself, more wiser in choosing skin care products and I was not disappointed. I have learned a lot throughout the experience with all the skin workshops and activities they had in store for us.



I always thought that in choosing a facial wash, the foamier it is the better it cleanses the skin. Well, now I know it is not the case.  Foaming facial wash can actually contribute to premature aging of the skin, so the less bubbles, the better.


This is just one of the many highlights of the skin care tips and myths shared by Ms. Martina Fink, a beauty and life coach from Zurich, Switzerland, the host of the Cetaphil Experience 2016.


I also would like to thank the local workshop we had, headed by Ms Cassie and Cheska, because if it weren’t for it, I wouldn’t be able to know the exact condition of my skin using the Skin Analyzer.  I realized that I have been so obsessed with whitening the skin that I overlooked how much damage it can also bring hence, the redness on most parts of my face.


Did you know that there is a 3 minute window in applying lotions or creams immediately after taking a bath? I did not! I learned that during this time frame, lotions, creams and moisturizers should be applied to ensure that the water is locked inside our skin. This is the main purpose of these products and little did I know that reapplying lotion without having to take a shower or at least dampening the skin with water is pointless, just a waste of product and money!


All these years I thought I knew my skin already but there is more to what the eyes can see! I have learned how to choose the right products for my skin type.  Plus there’s a bonus skin care hack I’ve learned that can instantly make the skin firmer without having to go under the knife.


This oats, brown sugar and Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser concoction is a MUST TRY if you want to achieve a firmer and younger looking skin in an instant!


Overall, it was a time well spent away from the family because I got to learn all of these and more! I was able to enjoy the serene surroundings of Karma Kandara, mingled with fellow beauty bloggers from Southeast Asia and renewed my skin confidence so I can come home a better person inside out!


Thank you so much for your time and be sure to follow me for more updates about my Cetaphil Experience!


NEW Spendless Cosmetics Beauty Box!


Spendless Cosmetics is finally here in the Philippines! For as low as 732.90php per month, you get a surprise 5 full size products delivered right at your doorstep.


This month’s picks are the Covergirl + Olay Face Lift Effect Firming Makeup, Wet N Wild Cream Lipliner Pencil in Berry Red, Wet N Wild ColorIcon Bronzer in Princess, Wet N Wild ColorIcon 6 pan Eyeshadow Palette and Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Pink Peony. If you want to see the unboxing video, scroll down below!

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